Thursday, January 14, 2010

9 Degree Driver Today

Its a windy morning on the golf course today so I switched out my 10.5 driver for my new Tomahawk 9 degree driver from Warrior Custom Golf. I absolutely love this club, I drive the ball about 30 yards farther with it than my Cobra but feel a little guilty when I use it since the Cobra was a gift from my son. Ironically, my son always borrows my Warrior Driver everytime we golf together. With the harsh winds today, I also limited my fairway wood play and opted for the more managable hybrids I purchased last summer from Warrior Custom Golf. I read online yesterday that Warrior Golf is about to release their 2010 hybrids; its going to be tough to match the success I have with last year's model, I am going to have to test play them to find out for myself. I have been a Warrior Custom Golf customer for years and can't imagine purchasing clubs any other way!